If you're looking to choose the ideal carpet for your home, follow our simple interior design guide.

Carpet forms a large area of a single colour in your room, unless you choose a patterned design. There are also the colours of walls, curtains, furniture and other items to consider.

View our guide to planning the perfect room colour scheme.

Planning your scheme

There are a number of different types of carpet, each created via distinct construction methods to provide a choice of appearance along with specific benefits and qualities.

Read about the types of carpet to decide which is best for you.

Types of carpet

It's essential that your new carpet is laid on new, good quality underlay.

Discover the benefits of different types of underlay and find the ideal thickness to suit your room.


To ensure the fitting process goes as smoothly as possible with the minimum of disruption, read our tips on how to prepare for the installation of your new carpet.

Preparing to install