With just a little care, your carpet will last longer and look good throughout its life. You can keep your carpet in top condition by following the simple guidelines in this guide.

Vacuuming carpet

Remember, if you vacuum regularly and treat stains immediately, your carpet will keep its beautiful appearance for much longer.


Surface dirt is unavoidable and sometimes unsightly, but dirt that is trampled down between the tufts has an abrasive cutting action that can eventually wear away the fibres. The best way to delay or prevent this destructive wearing action is to give your carpets a regular vacuuming.

There is a common myth that you should let a new carpet “settle in” for a week or so. In fact, entirely the reverse is true. Virtually all new carpets will shed a small amount of loose fibres and these should be removed by vacuuming as soon as possible.

Otherwise the fibres will be walked back into the carpet and can cause a matted appearance. Loop pile carpets, particularly Wool Berbers, should not be cleaned with a vacuum which has a beater attachment - this can cause excessive fluffing and matting - this type of carpet should be vacuumed with the suction head only.

Entrance mats and barrier mats will reduce the amount of dirt carried on to your carpets from outside the home, but please remember that these mats must also be cleaned regularly.